Davy Jones De La Foret Des Hauts De Galgals


Born: 17.06.1988 Brown (Black Black - Tan Blue Brown Fawn)


Seagull Sunset Celebration
(Black Brown)
INTCH. Beagold Bruin Scott Black
GBCH. Edenborough Star Turn At Beagold Black
(Black Blue Brown Fawn)
GBCH. Edenborough Blue Bracken Blue
(Black Black - Tan Blue Brown Fawn)
Davealex Dawn Reign
(Black Brown)
Beagold Pennyroyal Black
GBCH. Davealex Royle Baron Black
(Black Blue Brown)
Wishanger Bridge Of Gaur
CH Pearly Grey Von Der Warwinckel
MULTICH. Davealex Willy Wumpkins Brown
(Black Blue Brown Fawn)
Legal Aide From Davealex
(Black Brown)
Davealex Gold Tang Brown
CH Rockets Oukje Black V.D.Warwinkckel
Rebel Rocket At Davebery
CH Lovable Nobby Von Der Warwinckel
INTCH. Sunday Mornings Kimberly
(Black Brown Fawn)
WW86-87.INTCH.NLCH.FRCH.BCH.AMCH.CANCH. Shilstone Choir Boy Black
(Black Black - Tan Blue Brown)
GBCH. Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale Brown
(Black Black - Tan Brown)
Wishanger Buttertubs Pass By Quinbury Black
Pepperland Pandamonium Brown
HD: OFA Normal
(Black Brown)
GBCH. Potterdale Serenade Black
HD: 5:7
(Black Blue)
GBCH. Potterdale Philosopher Black
HD: 0:2
(Black Blue)
GBCH. Tamevalley Easter Song Of Potterdale Black
(Black Brown)
Rowdina River Belle Of Sombrero Brown
Davealex Silver From Rowdina
Davealex Royle Magnet
Davealex Gorgeous Gussie
Rowdina Crack O'doon
Rowdina Remus
Rowdina Blue Baloo
Colours between parentheses are the colours of progeny
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